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Bolivarian Games: Host Cities And Sport Venues

The Bolivarian Games, in Spanish “Juegos Deportivos Bolivarianos” (colloquially “Juegos Bolivarianos”) are a regional multi-sport event organized by the Bolivarian Sports Organization “Organización Deportiva Bolivariana, (ODEBO)” whose members are Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. ODEBO is a sub-organisation of the Pan American Sports Organization. In 2013, for the first time in Games’ history, five non-ODEBO countries sent athletes to compete in the games.

The ODEBO’s mission is to “Strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among athletes of the region, and germinate in them respect for fair play, in addition to tending to improve their competitive level.”

Bolivarian Games

The first Bolivarian Games were held in 1938 in Bogotá, Colombia to celebrate the city’s 400th anniversary. Since 1973 the games have been held every four years. To participate, all athletes must be entered by their National Olympic Committee. In terms of medals, Peru was dominant in the early years of the competition, but Venezuela has consistently been the most successful country since the 1960s.

The host cities and sports venues

The next games, in 2017, are due to be held in Santa Marta, Colombia. To follow are the host cities and sports venues for the Bolivarian Games from 2013 back to the first games in 1938.

2013: 17th Bolivarian Games, Lima (Peru) at Mansiche Sports Complex; Estadio Mansiche; Coliseo Gran Chimu; Sports Complex Chicago; Gildemeister Swimming Pool; Huanchaco Sports Center and La Esperanza Sports Center.

2009: 16th Bolivarian Games, Sucre (Bolivia) A number of Bolivian cities hosted some of the sporting events, including Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija. Events were also held outside Bolivia, with Guayaquil, Lima, Quito and Salinas hosting a number of competitions.

2005: 15th Bolivarian Games, Bogotá (Colombia) Armenia hosted competitions at sixteen venues, seventeen at Pereira and four sporting venues at Cartagena. Bogotá’s Country Club and Parque Simón Bolívar were also used to host events.

2001: 14th Bolivarian Games, Quito, Guayaquil and Ambato (Ecuador) at the Estadio Bellavista in Ambato.

1997: 13th Bolivarian Games, Lima (Peru) at the Estadio Monumental de la Universidad Nacional San Agustín

1993: 12th Bolivarian Games, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba (Bolivia) Santa Cruz and Cochabamba each hosted at 3 different sports venues.

1989: 11th Bolivarian Games, Caracas (Venezuela) at the Estadio Olímpico Pachencho Romero

1985: 10th Bolivarian Games, Cuenca (Ecuador) at the Estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar

1981: 9th Bolivarian Games, Barquisimeto (Venezuela) at the Estadio de Barquisimeto

1977: 8th Bolivarian Games, La Paz (Bolivia) at the Estadio Olímpico La Paz

1973: 7th Bolivarian Games, Panama City (Panama) at the Estadio Revolución

1970: 6th Bolivarian Games, Maracaibo (Venezuela) at the Estadio Olímpico del Complejo Polideportivo

1965: 5th Bolivarian Games, Quito and Guayaquil (Ecuador) at various sports venues including 7 in Quito and 9 in Guayaquil.

1961: 4th Bolivarian Games, Barranquilla (Colombia) at the Estadio Municipal in Barranquilla.

1951: 3rd Bolivarian Games, Caracas (Venezuela) at the Estadio Olimpico de la Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracus.

1947/48: 2nd Bolivarian Games, Lima (Peru)

1938: 1st Bolivarian Games, Bogotá (Colombia)